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LifeSize Assurance Maintenance Services

Protect your Investment and Secure Peace of Mind

LifeSize Assurance Maintenance Services (AMS) provides a comprehensive suite of bundled services that help you protect your investment, maximize its value, and ensure optimal performance throughout the life of the product. This enables you to focus on your business while securing peace of mind that your LifeSize products will consistently deliver a high-quality communication experience.

Full Coverage

Each LifeSize Assurance Maintenance Service Plan protects your LifeSize product, hardware and software alike, during the agreement period. With an agreement in place you can rest assured that we will quickly identify, diagnose and resolve any incident you may experience with your product. Assurance Maintenance Service Plans can be purchased in yearly increments, from 1 to 5 years.

Dedicated Support by LifeSize Services Professionals

Your maintenance agreement provides you direct access to a LifeSize Services Professional who has been trained and certified on the LifeSize product line. Your LifeSize Services Professional will deliver proactive and personalized results until your incident has been resolved. With this expert at your disposal, your IT department can leave the troubleshooting of your LifeSize solution to us, allowing them to focus on their business objectives.

Keep Applications Current

All customers engaged in an Assurance Maintenance Service Plan will have complete access to the latest product updates and enhancements, ensuring your LifeSize products are always up to date and performing optimally. Upon enrollment in our Software Update Notification Program, you will receive an e-mail notification with instructions on how to access and download your update. Because we know how busy life can be, updates are always available for download from our website.

Rapid Product Replacements

We know that sometimes a problem isn't due to the software but rather with the hardware. And because we understand how quickly downtime can impact an organization, we will immediately expedite shipment of a product replacement to our Assurance Maintenance Service Plan customers should an incident require it.

Protection against Downtime

The services provided by your Assurance Maintenance Service Plan can help protect you against downtime by providing you access to a dedicated support professional who will work with you to manage all aspects of your LifeSize solution. From ensuring your applications are always current to confirming that your products are performing optimally, these combined services can provide quicker time to resolution and have less impact on your environment.

Realize Cost Savings

Each Assurance Maintenance Service Plan provides a comprehensive suite of maintenance offerings for your product(s). By eliminating the potential expense of service calls or replacement of products, your organization can realize cost savings from day 1 of your Assurance Maintenance Service Plan purchase.

Peace of Mind

At LifeSize we feel confident you will always have a professional and pleasant experience with your LifeSize products. However, if you happen to have a question or need support with your product, we want you to know that we're only one step away.


Proactive Communications At LifeSize we want to ensure you make the most of your LifeSize solution. Upon enrollment in our Software Update Notification Program, we will advise you of the latest downloads that you should initiate.

Extended Support

Maintenance agreements are available for any LifeSize product you have purchased up to five years after the product end-of-sale. Extending your agreements will guarantee you get the support you need for your product should the need arise.

Access to LifeSize Knowledge Base

All customers with an Assurance Maintenance Service Plan will have access to the LifeSize Knowledge Base, a technical repository where you can search for known product problems, technical documents, manuals and downloads.

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